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Sherlock measures the overlap between data sets that are often genotyped using different platforms. To minimize the chance that informative loci are ignored simply because they are tagged using different SNPs, it is imperative that SNPs in either the GWAS or eQTL data sets (preferably both) be imputed to a larger set. Due to legal/privacy concerns, we do not have access to the genotypes for all eQTL data sets. Therefore, we cannot perform imputation in all cases.

1.   Upload Your GWAS Associations File
    Use tab-delimited text with one SNP and one p-value per row (sample input file). Make sure to include all GWAS associations, not just the top hits. Even large p-values, when aggregated, can prove very useful in Sherlock.

    Also, so that we can properly calibrate the statistical significance, please enter the number of cases and controls used in the GWAS and your best estimate of the disease prevalence in the general population (expressed as a decimal).

    If your study involves a quantitative trait (i.e. is not case-control), please use the study size as the number of cases. Then enter zero for the number of controls and zero for the disease prevalence.

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2.   Select Relevant Expression Data Sets
    The expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) studies that we utilize were performed in specific cohorts and tissues; only some of these may be relevant to your disease or phenotype. We compare your associations against each study independently; selecting or de-selecting one study does not affect the analysis of others.

    If you have private data loaded into our system, please provide the appropriate password to unlock your collection.

  Public eQTL Data Sets:

      Tissue Type     Cohort     Size      Reference     Use  
    Lymphoblastoid Hapmap CEU 87 Duan_08
    Lymphoblastoid Asthmatic Children 400 Dixon_07
    Monocyte Caucasian Adults 1,490 Zeller_10
    Liver Caucasian Adults 427 Schadt_08
    Brain Caucasian Adults 193 Myers_07
    Esophagus Mucosa Caucasian Adults 241 GTEx Esophagus Mucosa
      Tissue Type     Cohort     Size      Reference     Use  
    GTEx Adipose Subcutaneous Caucasian Adults NA Adipose Subcutaneous
    GTEx Adipose Visceral Omentum Caucasian Adults NA Adipose Visceral Omentum
    GTEx Adrenal Gland Caucasian Adults NA Adrenal Gland
    GTEx Artery Aorta Caucasian Adults NA Artery Aorta
    GTEx Artery Coronary Caucasian Adults NA Artery Coronary
    GTEx Artery Tibial Caucasian Adults NA Artery Tibial
    GTEx Brain Anterior cingulate cortex BA24 Caucasian Adults NA Brain Anterior cingulate cortex BA24
    GTEx Brain Caudate basal ganglia Caucasian Adults NA Brain Caudate basal ganglia
    GTEx Brain Cerebellar Hemisphere Caucasian Adults NA Brain Cerebellar Hemisphere
    GTEx Brain Cerebellum Caucasian Adults NA Brain Cerebellum
    GTEx Brain Cortex Caucasian Adults NA Brain Cortex
    GTEx Brain Frontal Cortex BA9 Caucasian Adults NA Brain Frontal Cortex BA9
    GTEx Brain Hippocampus Caucasian Adults NA Brain Hippocampus
    GTEx Brain Hypothalamus Caucasian Adults NA Brain Hypothalamus
    GTEx Brain Nucleus accumbens basal ganglia Caucasian Adults NA Brain Nucleus accumbens basal ganglia
    GTEx Brain Putamen basal ganglia Caucasian Adults NA Brain Putamen basal ganglia
    GTEx Breast Mammary Tissue Caucasian Adults NA Breast Mammary Tissue
    GTEx Cells EBV-transformed lymphocytes Caucasian Adults NA Cells EBV-transformed lymphocytes
    GTEx Cells Transformed fibroblasts Caucasian Adults NA Cells Transformed fibroblasts
    GTEx Colon Sigmoid Caucasian Adults NA Colon Sigmoid
    GTEx Colon Transverse Caucasian Adults NA Colon Transverse
    GTEx Esophagus Gastroesophageal Junction Caucasian Adults NA Esophagus Gastroesophageal Junction
    GTEx Esophagus Mucosa Caucasian Adults NA Esophagus Mucosa
    GTEx Esophagus Muscularis Caucasian Adults NA Esophagus Muscularis
    GTEx Heart Atrial Appendage Caucasian Adults NA Heart Atrial Appendage
    GTEx Heart Left Ventricle Caucasian Adults NA Heart Left Ventricle
    GTEx Liver Caucasian Adults NA Liver
    GTEx Lung Caucasian Adults NA Lung
    GTEx Muscle Skeletal Caucasian Adults NA Muscle Skeletal
    GTEx Nerve Tibial Caucasian Adults NA Nerve Tibial
    GTEx Ovary Caucasian Adults NA Ovary
    GTEx Pancreas Caucasian Adults NA Pancreas
    GTEx Pituitary Caucasian Adults NA Pituitary
    GTEx Prostate Caucasian Adults NA Prostate
    GTEx Skin Not Sun Exposed Suprapubic Caucasian Adults NA Skin Not Sun Exposed Suprapubic
    GTEx Skin Sun Exposed Lower leg Caucasian Adults NA Skin Sun Exposed Lower leg
    GTEx Small Intestine Terminal Ileum Caucasian Adults NA Small Intestine Terminal Ileum
    GTEx Spleen Caucasian Adults NA Spleen
    GTEx Stomach Caucasian Adults NA Stomach
    GTEx Testis Caucasian Adults NA Testis
    GTEx Thyroid Caucasian Adults NA Thyroid
    GTEx Uterus Caucasian Adults NA Uterus
    GTEx Vagina Caucasian Adults NA Vagina
    GTEx Whole Blood Caucasian Adults NA Whole Blood

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